Monday, May 13, 2019

I did a waterproof cellphone pouch test and OMG!!!!

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Hey you guys, happy Monday to ya and hope your week ahead is looking great!! I just received this set of two waterproof cellphone pouches. I was super excited to try these out but its not quite time to swim at the river yet so I had to improvise a little bit! Gave us a fun after school project to do.

To test these out I did two things. First, I made sure my cell phone was securely sealed in the pouch and I blew into the area where it seals shut. I didn't see the pouch fog up and thought that was a really good sign. Second, I grabbed a clear glass bowl of water for me to dunk the phone in. YIKES! I fully submerged my phone into the water, dried the pouch off with a towel and was super relieved to see that there was no even a drop of water within the pouch! My phone survived and these worked perfectly!

This is going to be so great for summer! We do a ton of swimming at the river, visiting the coast, camping, hiking up to waterfalls and watching the kids as they splash around in the pool. So as you can see, my phone could use a little added protection at times. This pouch will keep dirt, sand and water off and away from my phone so I can still use it when I want with out the risk!

The pouch doesn't hinder usage of the phone screen. You can still check messages, take photos and browse. Plus this protects up to 100ft under water, has a long lanyard that comes with each and they are small enough to keep in your purse or dashboard.

You guys can check out the video we did together on YouTube at the link below and also check these waterproof pouches out on Amazon! Hope you guys get a lot of use out of these like I know we will! Stay safe and blessed guys!

Heres the link to check out the YouTube video we did:

Heres the link to the waterproof cellphone pouches on Amazon: <a href="" rel="nofollow" style="display: none;"></a>

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Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Perfect Springtime Outfit for Little Girls!

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What little girl doesn't want to wear adorable outfits and feel like a princess?!? I just received this little gem of an outfit from Amazon. It has the best spring time feel to it that I just love. My little girl loves bunnies so much too so this is more than perfect for a little bunny fanatic.

The shirt came in a lovely pink pastel color with a bunny embroidered on it with material that matches the pants. It has flared arms and bottom trim. The back of the shirt is cut a little longer to give it the perfect flowy look.

The pants have an elastic waste band and are ankle length. The whimsical design is beautiful with little bunnies and pastel colored floral designs. The material feels soft but durable so no worries that this will ware out fast.

This company on amazon has different styles for you to chose from with many different sizing options. It would be absolutely adorable to get a few of these for some girls in my family and then take a picture of all the girls wearing these. I just love these outfits. So Perfect!!

Click the link in this post to check it out for yourself. Hope this gets you guys in the spring time spirit! I know it does for us!

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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Breathable Seat Cushion for Your Car!

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πŸ’œHello everyone! Hopefully today is as bright and sunny there as it is here in Oregon. We had a week of rain and now two days of beautiful weather. Wish it would last longer than two days but you know...beggars cant be choosers. I'm rather glad that I have my new Breathable Seat Cushion for my car, that I received from the company Big Ant!

Not only is it nice and ventilated so it helps to keep your temperature more regulated that a usual cushion that absorbs the heat from your body and emits it back at you. Just a warmer experience than I would like when I am sitting for a longer duration than usual.

I like the material that its made out of because it will be very easy to clean. I am rather clumsy with my coffee sometimes so it will be nice to be able just to wipe it down afterwards and not have to worry that it got within it and will start to smell funny later. 

Last I would like to point out that this will stay in place just fine because of the two hooks at the bottom and a non slip pad at the top to tuck in and stay put. Its just really neat! I'm leaving a link on this post so you can look at all the specs for yourself. This does come as just one piece so if you want more than one make sure to order two. Thanks all and hope your weekend ahead is special and amazing!

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Monday, April 15, 2019

New Windshield Sun Shades by Hippo! A minimalists dream come true!

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 πŸ˜ Don't know about you guys..but I always have a hard stinking time with bulky car sunshades. Even when its folded up its still in the way for me or the kids. First, If i put it on the floorboard in the front seat its sticking up and, of course, the sun hits it just right...blinding me! So thats not an option. Second, If i put it in the back seat my daughter is kicking it while sitting in her carseat or my sons get in and stomp on it/rip it. It just cant survive in the car.

As a last course of action, I end up sticking it in the trunk when I'm done using it and have take it out when I need it again. UGH In the summer time that's down right annoying and so much back and fourth. If you want to keep your car cooled down a bit and protect your dash from sun damage you have to use it though. I felt that I really needed something different! 

πŸ™‹‍♀️ SO, I ended up finding these cool looking car windshield sunshades by Hippo that are exactly what I needed for my car. They open and  fold back up easily and fit perfectly back into the clear plastic bag they came in for storage until I need them next. Now these come as two separate pieces that work really well for me. After use I love that I can fit it  down between my seat and the console so its totally out of my way! I love it! πŸ˜Click the link at bottom or top of blog to check it out and grab a handy set for your vehicles: 

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Saturday, April 6, 2019

Degitee Little Girls Easter Day Outfit Sets

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As a Mother you always want to make sure your child has a great outfit for holidays. Keep the kids looking good and happy with the outfit too. I usually take them shopping with me to make sure that happens but this year a took a chance and ordered my daughters Easter outfit from Amazon and crossed my fingers hoping she would like it! 

Well, turns out that she loves it! YAY! It has a super cool flower pastel color design on the pants and the long sleeved shirt is white with a bunny on the front. The bunny is made of the same material as the pants and there is a cute ruffle around the rim of the neck and shoulders. 

I'm so glad that my girl loves this outfit as much as I do. She looks so cute and the fit is right on target. I ordered a 5T and it fit her perfectly. The material is soft and comfortable for her and her favorite part of the outfit is the bows! There is one on the bunnies tail and one on each ankle. 

If your looking for a cute outfit for Easter just click one of the links in this post. It takes you to amazon where there is this pants set and others with different designs so you can pick out the one that suits your child the best. Degitee is a lovely brand that made my kid happy with the cool whimsical design of this outfit. Im so happy I grabbed this up! 

Monday, January 21, 2019

Sweet Valentines Cards for kids! Also enjoy the 15% off code at bottom of post!

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This is my 5 year old daughters first year of school, shes in kindergarten and loving all the new experiences and holiday parties. Valentines Day is right around the corner and my daughter is so excited to trade cards with all her school friends. Although I think I am more excited for her and we were having fun picking out the perfect card set for her.

We found these adorable cards on Amazon. The come with scratch-N-Sniff stickers even. Remember those! I loved them so much when I was a kid so this feels even more special to me! They are all different shapes of treats! You get  ice cream cones, pop cycles, lollipops, slices of cake and cup cake shaped cards with this set.

There's 30 cards, 30 stickers and 30 envelopes! Perfect for what we needed for her class! The kids are going to love the strawberry scented stickers too. I know this first Valentines Day party will be a very memorable one for her and hope that all her years ahead are just as fun. Glad we found these fun and sweet cards to share with her friends and teacher this year.

Lastly I have a special treat for YOU! The seller on amazon gave me a 15% off code to share with you, Copy the code : HZB9T26F . Then click the link in this post to go to the cards on Amazon. Put them in the card and at check out paste the code to get your 15% off. This code expires on Jan 31st so use it while you can! 

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Friday, January 11, 2019

Sanifer Womens Lace Long Sleeve Tunic Review! (I Love It)

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I am a tunic loving woman! They are so comfortable, easy to move in and look great with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans! Woo YA! Im a busy mama to three cuties that keep me going all day and most of the night so for me I look for clothing that looks amazing and is functional enough to wear as I am running errands, cleaning, cooking or hiding from the kids in the bathroom! Yes, that is a thing I have done.

This tunic feels so soft but is not made out of thin material so no worries there. It feels super comfy, easy to move in and is a full length long sleeve. The lace material is only around the bottom edge making it look great and not overdone. Length wise this is a good 3-4 inches above my knee (I'm 5'5") and is not a clingy material so my "mom bod" is well hidden.

I would definitely recommend this because you can really change up the look as you wish by pairing it with leggings, skinny jeans, heels, boots, long necklace, hair up or hair down. It just looks great paired with most items. This is a must have in my closet...I am in love!

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Saturday, November 24, 2018

Finally, a drain catcher that is easy to clean and looks good in the drain!

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As any woman with hair of mid to long length knows, your shower drain WILL get clogged with hair and soap build up over time. Leaving you with a tub that needs some type of de-clogger and a big chore!

It's an small yet annoying problem that lots of families deal with. I have used plastic hair catchers but they are a pain to clean and look kinda funky sitting over the drain.

My new hair catcher looks like it came with the shower because it fits right in the drain. The base has a rubber band so hair won't escape and the many holes allow water to flow through while catching the hair.

So as you may be able to tell, this is my all time favorite tool for ridding the tub of hair! You can take a quick peek at it with one of the links! Thanks for taking a moment to read through and I hope this helps you as much as it has me!

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Friday, July 13, 2018

Mini Chalkboard Signs

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I am a Rodan+Fields skincare consultant and I love using these at events I put on. They are a great way to showcase different products and their purpose. Plus, because they are not huge, I can take them with me anywhere I go. I literally stuck them in my purse last time.

These are a great addition to events, table markers, signs, weddings, birthdays and so much more. I have used them at a barbecue to name our area. I used each one individually by only putting one letter on each chalkboard to spell out our name. It looked so awesome. I will be enjoying these for quite a while.

My sons birthday is this weekend so I am trying to come up with a fun way to use them as a surprise! Any ideas? Now if you find these little guys to be as amazing, useful and cute as I one of the links in this post to get your set. It comes with a bunch of chalk boards and each one is free standing so no worries!

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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Fan time!

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We live in an older house with huge, floor to ceiling windows in the front that let in a  ton of heat no matter what! Also, none of the windows in the front area open! AHHH its bad! So we have a small fortune invested in AC units and fans.

This fan from Trustech is considered a desk fan but feels like a big box fan. Its super powerful and has three speeds. You can adjust it from anywhere because it comes with its own handy dandy remote control. Huge bonus for me!!!

Beyond just having a has a timer you can set, outdoor mode, sleep mode and indoor mode. I am in love! Add that it has a carrying handle and a sturdy base it is quickly turning into my favorite fan this year!

Get yours at one of the links provided. Also, have a safe, happy and fun 4th of July!

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I did a waterproof cellphone pouch test and OMG!!!!

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