Friday, July 13, 2018

Mini Chalkboard Signs

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I am a Rodan+Fields skincare consultant and I love using these at events I put on. They are a great way to showcase different products and their purpose. Plus, because they are not huge, I can take them with me anywhere I go. I literally stuck them in my purse last time.

These are a great addition to events, table markers, signs, weddings, birthdays and so much more. I have used them at a barbecue to name our area. I used each one individually by only putting one letter on each chalkboard to spell out our name. It looked so awesome. I will be enjoying these for quite a while.

My sons birthday is this weekend so I am trying to come up with a fun way to use them as a surprise! Any ideas? Now if you find these little guys to be as amazing, useful and cute as I one of the links in this post to get your set. It comes with a bunch of chalk boards and each one is free standing so no worries!

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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Fan time!

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We live in an older house with huge, floor to ceiling windows in the front that let in a  ton of heat no matter what! Also, none of the windows in the front area open! AHHH its bad! So we have a small fortune invested in AC units and fans.

This fan from Trustech is considered a desk fan but feels like a big box fan. Its super powerful and has three speeds. You can adjust it from anywhere because it comes with its own handy dandy remote control. Huge bonus for me!!!

Beyond just having a has a timer you can set, outdoor mode, sleep mode and indoor mode. I am in love! Add that it has a carrying handle and a sturdy base it is quickly turning into my favorite fan this year!

Get yours at one of the links provided. Also, have a safe, happy and fun 4th of July!

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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Biotin Supplement? I think I will, thank you!

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Hi all,

Happy Tuesday, hope your day is awesome and your enjoying every moment! Remember to find a little peace and joy for yourself each day! Now...on to some supplement info. As a woman in my 30's I find myself thinking more about what my body, skin and hair is going to look like in 10 - 20 years from now. Yikes!

Its taken time and effort but I have put together a small vitamin and supplement regimen! My father has a medium sized, clear, plastic basket that he keeps his daily vitamin/supplement regimen in. He takes it down each morning and night and partakes in his daily vitamin ritual. My father he is turning 85 this year...hes out lived all the other men in our family by 20 years. My grandfather and great-grandfather died in their early to mid 60's. Its so important to supplement your diet and I hope you can now see why!

I have been using Natrogix brand supplements for about a year now, they always have the best quality, come with a coupon for your next order and they are not super expensive. I recently started to up my Biotin intake but didn't want to have to take double the dose either. I found Natrogix Biotin 10,000 MCG! Yea baby!

Biotin is good for you in a lot of ways. We have all heard that it promotes healthy hair, skin and nails and that it helps build strong bones but did you know it aids in your metabolism,  digestive health and even cell productivity and growth? I actually didn't know ALL the ways this aids your body! That's why we have these awesome supplements. Beyond just what Biotin does for you, Natrogix bottles these as a full 120 capsules that are not horse pills...I seriously detest taking horse pills! I'll leave the link to order this wonderful supplement for you here!

Hope your week ahead is inspiring, that you touch someone else's life and all your needs are met!
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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Need a Summer Job???

☀️Calling all teachers, school nurses, counselors, college students, friends and family: Summer break is HERE! 😎 

Are you looking for a source of income to help with bills, pay for a much-needed vacation, or chip away at those student loans? Rather than following a schedule that might include long retail hours while being stuck inside and not enjoying the sun, why not be your OWN BOSS? 

Work from your phone/iPad/laptop at the beach, at home, at Starbucks, or wherever. Enjoy your summer break, while making $$ at the same time. 

As a business owner, you decide how, when and who you work with. Build your own team and when school starts back, the residual income from your business will keep coming! Rodan+Fields is the fastest growing, #1 skincare brand in the US and Canada. The great news? We continue to grow globally. Message me to learn more. 

We all know the perks of being your own boss. It includes: sleeping in, getting more time for you and your family, more money coming in, make your own schedule and if you have something you want to do.,,just do it! No more requesting time off and hoping your going to get that day off! It is some serious freedom! I love every minute! 

Friday, May 4, 2018

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT! Partnering up with TPG!

A HUGE announcement was made yesterday!! Click the link to read the full article! 

Rodan + Fields has partnered with TPG, a premium investment firm with $82 billion dollars of investment capital! 💰 TPG’s successful track record growing iconic brands like; Spotify, Uber and Airbnb to name a few and their firm belief in R+F’s disruptive model, innovative products, and powerful Independent Consultant Community make R+F the next excellent partnership!
This truly is an opportunity of a lifetime!
Rodan + Fields was launched in 2002 and founded by dermatologists Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields with the mission of giving consumers the best skin of their lives. The brand is a result of the doctors’ belief that healthy skin empowers people to feel confident. Born in the digital era and designed to directly reach consumers where they live and shop via mobile and social networks, Rodan + Fields is disrupting the industry with its regimen-based skincare and powerful Consultant community.

🗣 You guys R+F is NOT just another work from home job! (Ask me, ill tell you what I do on a day to day basis)This is a brand AND business model that WILL become the worlds #1 Premium Skincare, just like Proactiv. With ONLY 250,000 consultants to date, this new partnership is going to put our companies growth on the fastest track possible! And 👉🏻YOU can be apart of it! Don’t look back 6 months or a year from today and wish you had said yes.
Its time to have a conversation on how you too, can take a stake in this business. 👩🏻☕️👩🏽I 
You have nothing to lose but EVERYTHING TO GAIN!  I CAN MAKE THAT PROMISE! 
This business has been such a huge financial blessing on my life! I cannot express the amount of happiness that engulfs my heart when I think about the awesome people, products and business that I have made since beginning my Journey with R+F.  I am working on my own terms and getting more time in with my kids...its my golden ticket lol!

Hope this finds the person out there that it is meant for! God bless and have a happy, safe weekend!
~Joy Kimbrough
~Rodan+Fields Independent Consultant

Thursday, April 19, 2018

UFO Bicycle Hub Light...LED Blue...the coolest!

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Hey all!
Recently my daughter got a new bike with training wheels and the whole nine yards! She is so fascinated by it and loves to ride it around! Its actually in my trunk at this moment because we go to the park and hit the bike path so much together!

This Bicycle Hub Light is going to be soooo fun for her! We will have to go on a late evening ride for her to see the affect but its a bright LED blue color and has three modes! Slow Flash, Fast Flash and Constant. Luckily she has training wheels on her bike because I can see that she is going to be staring down at the light more than watching what she is doing at first!

This makes for a great gift to an avid biker or for a kids bike! This fits right around the hub and has everything you need to install. Batteries ARE included, there's an ON/OFF button and it is water-proof ! Definitely a must have from now on! Get it at one of the links here on my loverly post! Hope everyone has an amazing week! Stay safe and God bless!

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Truth is, you'll never be completely ready...thats why its called an opportunity!

                   Coffee..☑️ No Bra..☑️ Workin' from home..☑️

                                 3 things to go over this mornin' 

As you may or may not know, I'm a Rodan+Fields  Independent Consultant\ and this was best and most scary decision I have made for myself and family in years! First off, Rodan+Fields has 4 skincare regimens ( Listed Below) PLUS Sun Screen, Lash Boost, Sunless Tanner (i ordered 2) Eye Creams, Moisturizers, Hydrating Serums and a bunch more!!
💙 Second, I will be doing a informative private LIVE session, if you want IN message me! (lots of info on the biz, products and to get in on the giveaway..yup, ima do a giveaway at that time) I will be going LIVE on FB to tell you a bit about the company and how they have grown, how I do my job and exactly why Rodan+Fields products lead the way when so many others just buffer! Contact info below!💙
Truth will never be completely ready...that's why its called an opportunity!

 💙 Third, 
Lets talk skin or the business side if you are interested in becoming an R+F consultant. This opportunity is only 1 message away! We are all AGING, ALL the time..and we all have skin so this just makes sense!! Why NOT! Why not enjoy great skincare for you, while helping others find amazing skincare too!  I love how well this company takes care of me!  
💙R+F's 4 main skincare lines:
Redefine for fine lines, wrinkles and big pores. Soothe for redness, sensitivity, Rosacea, Eczema...ect. Unblemish for breakouts and blemishes and Reverse for brown spots, melasma, hyper-pigmentation, age spots and sun damage! 
The link below is for my SOLUTIONS pairs you to one of the 4 skincare regimens above! That way you know what regimen will give that fabulous skincare you need!  Email me at or FB

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Personalized Skin Care! What is going on with your skin??

Hey all,

This is going to be super short and sweet! Im just adding a few pictures explaining a bit about what each regimen does! We have 4 Regimens:
We also have enhancements like:

 Email me for info:
Call to order or just talk about what your skin needs: 541-731-5302
Solution Tool: Just a quick skin care quiz to see what your skin type is and matches you to a regimen for you.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Rodan+Fields Lash Boost...No more applying lashes!

Hi all,

For years I applied fake lashes and paid a good chunk of money for expensive and super soft sets. Like really poured a ton of money into it! I no longer wear them but remember the glue...trying to get it just right and not mess my eye up!! lol. If you were lucky it would be perfect the first time around. I didnt really like messing with it but of course did because longer lashes really look great and make you look YOUNGER! We all want to look a lil younger after you hit a certain age!

Amberly and Lash Boost
My friend Amberly is a Rodan+Fields consultant, just like me. She is part of the reason I joined arms with this amazing company and became my own CEO. I always gush over this company and the super great men and women I have met since I started this journey. Now Amberly had thin, short eye lashes and she started to use our Lash Boost! Over a few weeks her lashes are just amazing. I always stare at them when im talking with her hahaha. Her results are breath taking and you should see her in person!

Our Lash Boost comes as a full two month supply and it really does what you want it too. No hoping it works or returning because it didnt work. It really exceeds expectations.
 If longer, fuller and younger looking lashes are what you looking for please reach out to me. We have many more items for all skincare needs and worries but I am just gushing over her results. I am in awe!


Here is my Solution Tool link. You answer a few quick questions about your skin type and what your main skin concerns are and gives you a personalized skin care recommendation.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Get a great shave every time with Rodan+ Fields!

Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields
Hi everyone, Im Joy, an Independent Consultant for Rodan+Fields and I wanted to talk about something that really does not get enough attention. I hear friends of mine complain about it and see men walking around that have to deal with this all the time. It really stands out. I am referring to the "break out" that happens for Men after shaving your face and neck! Where your follicles seam to be fighting back and those bumps start popping up all over the place. So what can you do about the irritated skin and those annoying bumps? 

I recommend Beyond the Shave for Men! This is a skin care regimen for men created by Rodan + Fields. The same two dermatologists that gave us Proactiv and still practice dermatology today in Sacramento, CA. They saw how well Proactiv took off for teens and decided to start their own skin care line for adults that addresses the four main skin care concerns: Fine lines, Wrinkles & Loss of Firmness, Skin Discoloration & Dullness, Acne & Post-Acne care and last Sensitive, Irritated Skin & Redness. Plus, many other targeted concerns like this great package for men. 

Beyond the Shave is a three-step Regimen that is clinically tested to calm razor irritation and reveal better-looking skin in just three quick and easy steps!  Giving you better, clearer and touchable looking skin again. This regimen will only take about 5 minutes of your time and gives men the skin they want! 

Beyond the Shave Regimen for Men
One last thing I want to bring up...because it is one of my favorite things... is that each kit is a full two month supply and it comes with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee! WOW!  Who doesn't want to feel great about their skin everyday and not feel self conscious when someone touches their face! Its a blessing! 

I am going to leave my Solutions Tool in this post and that will ask a few quick questions to figure out which of our other Regimens that i mentioned above is a match for your skin care needs. 

LAST....if you are interested in the Beyond the Shave for Men, just comment on this post, message me or email me (below) and I will be happy to get you more information on this awesome kit!


Mini Chalkboard Signs

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